orion foto

Hi there, I’m Orion Ramos. Born and raised in Zürich. With roots in Europe, Mexico, and the USA, I grew up „multiculti.“ This reflects in my lifestyle. For several years I lived on the Canary Islands to hunt waves and adventures.

Since a very young age, I was into art, design and film making. However, I first chose a different path and I graduated as a travel agent at KV Business School in Zürich.

Later I ran a surf, skate and art boutique together with my partner and with a lot of love we created a meeting point for the local scene from Fuerteventura. This was the turning point where I found my way back into the creative fields.

After that, I worked with an Online Marketing Agency in the Canary Islands as a graphic designer and project manager and as a freelancer for different projects.

Today I work with Group Galore as a project manager and video producer.
As I had the chance to work in very different fields during my career, I do feel comfortable in a wide-ranging spectrum.